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What is Functional Cancer Care?

Symptom Management

Identifying symptom profiles and screening for potential side effects is the just first step toward improving your quality of life.  Our ability to make complex decisions and offer evidence-based interventions is key to your successful outcome with cancer.

Integrative Health Coaching

Food is the most powerful medicine that helps you fuel your body. It is important to develop a nutrition food plan that is geared to your unique physiology, lifestyle, symptoms, and environment. The goal is to help alleviate your symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, pain, and depression using the healing power of food.

Emotional & Community Support

I’ve been there through the best & worst of times with patients and their families. I’m here as a confidant, clinician, and coach to give you and your family the support you need in order to be and feel your best.

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Learn how to feel and be your best during your cancer journey.


What you get with the Functional Cancer Care Coaching & Community

Bi-weekly Coaching Calls

Learn how to manage your symptoms, understand how to navigate care, and how to start feeling your best.  All sessions are live and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Exclusive Q&A

Have a specific question about your cancer diagnosis, treatment, lab work, nutrition, or other?  Use our community forum to get your most pressing questions answered.

Supportive Community

Connect with other cancer patients in our private community.  Receive and give support with others going through the same journey.  No need to feel like you're alone.

15% off supplements and 1:1 coaching

We offer supplements through Full Scripts at a 15% discount to our members.  You also get 15% off 1:1 coaching, our gut health testing program, and other FCC programs.

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Oncology Nurse Practitioner & Founder of Functional Cancer Care

Paige Woodward, RN, MSN, ANP-BC


I am a Yale trained Oncology Nurse Practitioner who has worked at top cancer centers across the country and studied at the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

I started Functional Cancer Care to help more patients like you gain access to  information, knowledge, and support that compliments the care you receive at the hospital.

As the number of new cancer cases continue to rise and cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide, it is imperative that we use both conventional and functional medicine to  improve your health, decrease recurrence rates, and optimize your wellness. 

Allyson Lambert

Paige and FCC gave me valuable information about what to expect during chemotherapy and how to counteract possible side effects. She also helped ease my anxiety and was always there when immediate issues came up.

Jen Bauman

Paige is very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of chemo so she was able to really prepare me with tips on what supplements and medication to take. She also helped me to set and manage my expectations throughout the chemo process.


I felt so lost in the beginning after my diagnosis and I desperately wanted some control in a time when I had very little. I wanted to focus on nutrition and reducing toxins and she was so helpful and I’ve made many positive changes based on her guidance. She also recommended physical therapy which hadn’t been mentioned by my doctors

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