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Functional Cancer Care takes an integrative approach to your cancer diagnosis and helps you successfully navigate treatment, surgery, and survivorship. 

How we help you...

I am a Yale trained oncology nurse practitioner and functional medicine coach who believes cancer patients like you deserve more and need more. We compliment the care you're getting at your hospital by taking an integrative and functional approach to treating the root cause of your cancer and healing your body from the inside out. 

With our coaching and community, you will feel empowered and able to embrace your cancer journey. You will go from being scared about the unknown to feeling in control of your life, emotions, and your cancer.

Paige Woodward, RN, MSN, ANP-BC (Founder of Functional Cancer Care).

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What you get with Functional Cancer Care...

Symptom Management

Identifying symptom profiles and screening for potential side effects is the just first step toward improving your quality of life.  Our ability to make complex decisions and offer evidence-based interventions is key to your successful outcome with cancer.

Integrative Health Coaching

Food is the most powerful medicine that helps you fuel your body. It is important to develop a nutrition food plan that is geared to your unique physiology, lifestyle, symptoms, and environment. The goal is to help alleviate your symptoms of inflammation, fatigue, pain, and depression using the healing power of food.

Emotional Support

I’ve been there through the best & worst of times with patients and their families. I’m here as a confidant, clinician, and coach to give you and your family the support you need in order to be and feel your best.


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FREE Guide to Managing the 6 Most Common Side Effects of Cancer and Chemo

  • Managing nausea
  • Overcoming constipation
  • Preventing chemo induced neuropathy
  • Improving diarrhea
  • Minimizing hair loss
  • Dealing with cancer related fatigue
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1:1 Virtual Coaching

  • 60-minute initial consult to review current diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment
  • Full health assessment, lab results, and strategies to minimize symptoms
  • Recommendations on nutrition, exercise, supplements, and more
  • Email and text support to address immediate concerns and needs
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Gut Health Reset

  • Full gut health assessment with two Genova gut diagnostic tests
  • Full health assessment, lab results, and symptom review
  • Initial 60-minute consult to review gut health results
  • Two follow-up 30-minute consults to discuss strategies to improve your gut health
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